Saturday, August 27, 2011

Report from Indonesia

Doing awesome!  Makan ada inak/enak?
At my family's house for mudik/Idul Fitri.
Going to eat some delicious cake  tonight.
My family is erfect, I love them.
Don't have much internet access though.
Soon we will buka paus (break fast).

Tidak punya (don't have) wireless at my house so my iTouch is kinda moot. 
Also forgot the right charger for it!  Haha! 
 I am having a blast and saya suka (I love) keluarga saya (my family)! 
Mareka baik (they are nice)!

I saw a post on facebook about the earthquake in Virginia!
So everyone and everything okay? 
I would not mind a detailed update on everything in Virginia.
I am trying very hard to learn Indonesia but I feel really
stupid for not already being fluent, heheh.  You know me!

I will try to go to an internet cafe later this month.
This next week (now/sekarang) I am visiting relatives
in Temang for Mudik (family goes to hometown to pray with relatives)/
Idul/Fitri (the end of Ramadan). The food here is so good
(Ini makan enak)!!

Kalkak saya ada hilarious (my sisters are so awesome and and cool)
Saya cinta keluarga says (I love my family)
Gue (slang for I) cinta) pronounced chinta/meaning love)
lo (slang for you)
Biscous (french for kisses)

Sunday, August 21, 2011